Hsueh Wei Chang

Professor Chang, Hsueh-Wei


Tel: 2691


Ph.D. Department of Life Science, National Tsing-Hua University

Postdoctorial researcher, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

Courses Offered:

Biochemisrty, Biology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Special topic in cell biology, Special topic in Bioinformatics


Anticancer drug screening from natural product, SNP, Genomics, Cancer genetics, Bioinformatics, molecular avian gender identification.

Academic Honors:

[Technical Editor] 1. Theriogenology Insight -International journal of Reproduction in all Animals

[Guest editor for special issue] 1. The World Scientific Journal- Biochemistry domain 

[Editorial Board] 1. Recent Patents on Biomarkers; 2. The Open Systems Biology Journal; 3. The Open Access Journal of Science and Technology


Academic Interests:

1. Establishment of DNA damage or repair analytic platform for natural and synthetic drugs

Coperating with Institute of Natural Products to screen drugs with anti-cancer and antioxidative stress proterties.

2. Developing and renew of bioinformatics tool

Cooperation with computational experts to improve the bioinformatics tool related to SNP genotyping, SNP-SNP interaction, feature selection

3. SNP genotyping, haplotyping and association study

DNA from any source, e.g., hair shafts, blood, or buccal, urine and saliva is suitable for analysis. Under properly sampling for certain diseases, the risk factor for specific SNP associated with diseases is estimated. Mining haplotype-based SNP candidates is concerned. Recently topics include osteoporosis, bladder and oral cancers.

4. Molecular gender identification of birds

High throughput analysis for gender identification of birds. 

5. Development of noninvasive DNA extraction from patients.

Currently, we are successfully performed PCR from urine and saliva extracted DNA.

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