The College originally consisted of the School of Chemistry and Biology, which were considered to be traditional natural science departments and thus detach from our medical science program of the University. Life science has entered a new era in the understanding and control of living processes in today's genomic age. The restoration and regeneration of the environment, the transformation of industrial processes, and the utilization and processing of biological information which results ground-broken in the treatment of disease.Therefore, School of Chemistry was renamed the "Faculty of Medicinal and Applied Chemistry" on August 1, 2003. The school is actively acquiring state-of-the-art technology needed for enhancing R&D of drug and biomedical material. Meanwhile, the School of Biology has been redesignated to "Faculty of Biomedical Science and Environmental Biology", integrating the theoretical framework of biology with the application of modern biotechnology. In addition, the College also found "Faculty of Biotechnology" on August 1, 2003. The goal of this Faculty is to transform research breakthroughs in molecular biology and medical science into biotechnological applications. Since 2008, the Faculties were renamed as Departments because of the organization expansion.  The Ph.D Program in Life Sciences was founded in 2018. Bachelor Program of Life Science was founded in 2020. The Master Program in Medicinal Chemistry and Biotechnology was founded in  2021.

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