Ph.D program in Life Sciences

The objective of the Ph.D program is to educate students with multidisciplinary knowledge in life sciences. We expect to bring the research techniques and development strategies together in applied industrial areas, in order to meet the high-level industrial demands.

Course Features:

The program is divided in two divisions including Biomedical Chemistry and Biological Sciences. Students who choose the field of Biomedical Chemistry must take interdisciplinary courses in the field of Biological Sciences and vice versa. To strengthen and enhance the background knowledge of students in the professional fields, basic natural science and biological science courses are compulsory. Students can choose different modules of elective courses according to their interests on post-graduation career as well.

1.    Biomedical Chemistry:

Biomedical Chemistry courses include the development and research of Medical Materials, Biomaterials, Biomimetic Science and Biological detection techniques, material of drug envelope and Microspheres, and Biodegradable material. In combination with teachers' teaching and research expertise, students will be guided to explore the biological application and integration of the relevant research development.

2.    Biological Sciences:

Biological Sciences courses include Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Neurobiology, Cell Biology, Cancer and Antibody Chemistry, and Immunotherapy. The courses also emphasize theoretical and practical foundation of knowledge, and focus on the development and research of life medicine.

Future prospects:

The Ph.D graduates will have the competitiveness and abilities in the field of Life Medicine, and become biomedical industrial professionals. Graduates can choose directly into the job market, which is located in the southern district of Tainan Biotech Park, Pingtung agricultural biotechnology industries and Kaohsiung biotech companies, etc. There are a lot of excellent employment opportunities and good prospects.

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